Franklin Tech Company Looks to Expand With New Hires & Bigger Location

3D Technology

Franklin-based tech company 3-D Technology is expanding with plans to hire 50 new employees by the end of the year and they’re looking for a new Franklin facility, reports Nashville Business Journal.

3-D Technology is an information technology professional services, solutions & staffing firm specializing in health care.

They moved their headquarters to Franklin from Illinois in 2014 to be closer to its client base. At the time, the company had 45 employees and $15 million in annual revenue. Now, the company has 155 employees and the company forecasts $250 million revenue by 2022, reports Business Journal.

CEO Chris Martinez told Nashville Business Journal he is ready to expand to offer their services to companies outside of health care and he’s looking for property in Franklin to build a new 30,000 square foot configuration center that would be able to ship ready-to-install products to customers.

Learn more about 3-D’s growth here.

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