Fast Food Friday for December 20

1 Double Stacked Tacos - Nacho Crunch Chipotle Cheddar Reaper Ranch (1)

Fast Food Friday for December 20, 2019, is a bi-weekly food feature about fast food including local and national chains. We try to find the latest limited menu items and promotions happening in the Middle Tennessee area. Click here to view previous Fast Food Fridays

1Dunkin’ Brings Back Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Coffee Flavors

Dunkin’ is ringing in the New Year with the return of two popular coffee flavors inspired by iconic Girl Scout Cookies. Dunkin’ will bring back Coconut Caramel and Thin Mints® inspired coffee flavors. The delicious duo of flavors will be available January 1 through the beginning of spring 2020 at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide.

2Taco Bell Dollar Menu Expands to 21 Items

The Double Stacked Tacos come in three flavors: Nacho Crunch, Chipotle Cheddar and Reaper Ranch. Each one cost $1. They can also be purchased as part of a $5 Cravings Box starting Dec. 26.

3Free Impossible Whopper for Flight Delays

If you’re traveling in the U.S. and your flight is delayed, Burger King said it will give frustrated consumers a coupon for a free Impossible Whopper. To get the digital coupon, consumers need to enter their flight information in the app. The promotion is valid Dec. 18 to Dec. 30.

4Jolly Rancher Cereal Available Exclusively At Walmart

Jolly Rancher Cereal features the fruity Jolly Rancher flavors of grape, cherry, apple, watermelon and blue raspberry in crunchy cereal form. The cereal will remain a Walmart exclusive until around March 2020.

5Sonic 99-Cent Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap is Back

Sonic has brought back their popular Fritos and chili wrap for 99 cents for a limited time.