Okay, so it didn’t make it as part of the Super Bowl 50 commercial line up but it should have.

Kelly Clarkson is leaving clues about a new project on her social media. She dropped a clue during the Super Bowl Sunday.  The video, starring her daughter River Rose, puts all of those other commercials to shame. *Click photo above to watch video.

Clarkson writes “we couldn’t afford a Super Bowl 50 commercial but here is clue #3.” Does anyone think it might have to do with American Idol? Clarkson put another clue on her Facebook page saying it involves balloons, magic and a lullaby.

kelly clarkson clue 4

Clarkson was told recently by her doctor that she had to choose either to attend the Grammmys or Idol but she couldn’t attend both.

“I obviously chose Idol because it’s ending and I was the original winner, so it’d kinda be weird if I wasn’t there,” she said. “I’m unfortunately going to have to miss the Grammys,” reports Eonline.

American Idol’s executive producer Trish Kinane announced Kelly’s participation in January, where she also shared some other special news about the winner’s appearance. “We’ve invited her to be part of this season and she’s really happy to be,” Kinane revealed. “She will be a guest judge on our first live top 10 show and she’ll also perform.”