How To Decorate Around a TV

By: Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors

Clients often ask me what to do with their TV in their main living spaces. Women want to hide them, and men want to highlight and show them off. Now that TVs are flat and small, I am not opposed to having a TV out in a room. They are not nearly as obtrusive as they used to be. TVs used to be close to twenty four inches thick. (Not to mention weigh over 100 pounds!) So now that we have lighter, less obtrusive options, why not hang your TV on the wall and include some attractive art around it?

Style Your TV

There are many articles on how to incorporate your TV into a work of art, and I highly recommend this type of installation  What I do not recommend is placing the T.V. above a fireplace. It seems like a logical place to house a TV, especially since we see it in every home magazine. Many home builders even pre-wire for this type of installation nowadays. However, placing your TV above the fireplace is not comfortable. Most living and family rooms are not large enough to place the seating in a comfortable location, thus it becomes the equivalent of sitting in the front row at a movie theater.  Instead, place your flat screen TV on a beautiful console or hang it on the wall 4″-6″ above the furniture combined with art, mementos and heirlooms to make your TV disappear and turn it into a feature rather than an eye sore.

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