Brentwood’s Citizens Fire Academy Accepting Application

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Brentwood’s Citizens Fire Academy is accepting applications and the deadline has been extended to July 12th. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a firefighter? For those who have either dreamed as a child of being a firefighter, or simply want to see what it’s like, here’s your opportunity.

ShowImage (1)Designed to provide a glimpse into the duties of the department, the academy is often described as being as good as, if not better than, many departments’ initial training program for their own recruits. Although students are offered the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from fire training in ‘the grill’ to touring the fire safety house, participants are only asked to participate directly in activities that they feel comfortable with.

Brentwood resident Peggy Howell completed the Citizen’s Academy and explained, “Not only did I take the first class offered, but my project group in the 2003 Leadership Brentwood class helped the BFD to organize it! It’s so amazing to learn all that their job covers….from medical calls, to extrications of passengers from car accidents, to knowledge of how best to attack a structure fire, car fire, grass fire, to water rescues, etc.

The most awesome part of the CFA class is the citizen’s opportunities to experience simulated scenarios of emergency situations. Citizens also are allowed to spend the day with a crew at any of the four fire stations. And should the “tones” sound at your fire station (indicating that it’s your crew being sent to an emergency), you hustle to your assigned seat on the BRT (that’s Big Red Truck), buckle up and barrel down the streets of Brentwood to assist at the emergency scene! Pretty exciting! CFA, like the CPA, is time well spent to confirm that Brentwood emergency services totally “has our back”!”

 City Commissioner (Former Mayor) Betsy Crossley has applied this year to participate and shared, “The Department earned its International Accreditation this year and we have just purchased a new engine. I read all of the specs before we ordered it, but I wanted to see the parts in action and understand how fires are actually investigated and actively fought.  What does it take to become a firefighter? What are the mental and physical requirements to do this job for 48-72 hour shifts?  AND… I’d like to understand the history of Firefighting and Rescue in general over the years. Knowing many of the men and women in Brentwood Fire and Rescue has challenged me to, now, try and experience their job first hand. They are already so appreciated, but I expect this experience to be a real “eyeopener.””

Brentwood Fire & Rescue Citizens Fire Academy is open to adults, with preference given to Brentwood residents and business owners. The Academy offers over 30 hours of instructional time, and meets twice a month (with two Saturdays) running for 3 months. The 2015 Citizens Fire Academy runs from August 6th to November 12th. Applications are available on the City of Brentwood website under the Fire and Rescue Department’s Prevention and Education tab.

Again, the deadline is July 12th to apply for the Class of 2015.

Visit City Of Brentwood for additional information.


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