B&B Pharmacy in Spring Hill to Close

B&B Pharmacy

The only independent pharmacy in Spring Hill will close.

B&B Pharmacy, located at 5407 Main Street in Spring Hill, has made the decision to shutter its pharmacy after ten years in business. Last day of business will be Thursday, December 12.

The independent pharmacy stated on Facebook that insurance companies reduce reimbursement and dispensing fees, making harder for independent pharmacies.

If you have prescriptions, B&B asks that you pick them up promptly or call for delivery. Over the counter products are now 20 – 70 percent off.

See the complete message B&B posted to their customers.

After serving the Spring Hill Community for almost 10 years, B&B Pharmacy will regretfully be closing on December 12, 2019.

For the past few years, insurance companies have continued to cut reimbursements and dispensing fees, thus making it nearly impossible for independent pharmacies like us to continue serving our patients. Patients are being directed to utilize mail order pharmacies for their maintenance medications and savings coupons are causing pharmacies to take even more of a loss. We thought it best to close at this time in order to avoid more of the stress that has accompanied these healthcare changes.

As the only independent pharmacy in Spring Hill, we were the only pharmacy with free delivery, the first FedEx location in Spring Hill, a U-Haul, and a USPS Post Office. We spent the time getting to know our customers, and those faithful to B&B knew we would go above and beyond for them. Thank you to all of our patients and customers for your support these past 10 years!

If you have prescriptions to pick up, please pick them up as soon as possible. Call us if you need to have them delivered.

All over-the-counter products are 20-70% off.

***Our USPS Post Office and FedEx will remain open until December 31st***

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