5 Trending Men’s Haircuts

As we head into the end of the summer and the fall season, many get their hair cut for the new academic year or just for a change. Men’s cuts have changed significantly in the last decade with callbacks to classic haircuts with a modern twist to them. These 5 haircuts are among the most popular trends in men’s haircuts.


To be fair, the undercut is rarely just an undercut; it’s usually paired with other cuts on top for varied texture and length. Some of the most popular haircuts among short to medium haircuts for men with this undercut include pompadours, quiffs, and fringe styles. The undercut combines short and long men’s hairstyles where the back and sides are shaved while hair at the top is swept off to the side or backw with a little gel or other hairstyling holding cream. This hairstyle first came about among working-class men in the 1900s who didn’t have the time or finances for getting their hair cut with skilled barbers. Now the hair cut is used widely in all communities. Some popular celebrities sporting the undercut recently include David Beckham and Macklemore.

2Mid Fade

Fades have been used for decades as a way to have longer hair on top and shorter hair along the temples, ears, and necks. This makes upkeep easier for most. The mid fade cut simply means that the fade starts in the middle so that only half of the hair is the short, shaved look. This hair cut has been used frequently in more stylized looks for formal and professional occasions lately, though the look is popular in general. Those with longer hair on top tend to use Gel or pomade for shine, definition, and more shape. It’s also a popular cut for those with curls to accent their natural hairstyle.

3Crew Cut

The crew cut has never gone out of style. It’s usually a much shorter haircut all the way around, though like many it is longer on the top. The shorter style has been the option for many men in professional fields as it looks sleek, but it also is an incredibly low maintenance hair cut. Dress up the haircut for work with a small amount of hair product or leave it messy and tousled for a casual weekend. Unlike the haircuts previously mentioned, this cut is completely scissor cut, though clippers may be used minimally along the ear and back of the neck. The crew cut is popularly used by Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper for years.

4The Longcut

This haircut is one of the popular haircuts that feature longer hair. Also referred to as a hockey cut, it’s made for those with thick, long hair, especially those with waves or curls. Ask your barber to leave your hair longer on top with a soft and textured look with hair on the crown slightly shorter so that when you sweep your hair back, you get an effortless look. You can apply a soft-hold cream or paste to damp hair and blow-dry with light styling to add volume and hold. The cut was made popular in relatively recent history by Patrick Dempsey playing “McDreamy” on Grey’s Anatomy, but more recently has been used by actors Russell Brand and Kit Harrington.

5Ivy League Cut

Brother to the shorter crew cut, the Ivy League Cut has become highly popular. Like the crew cut, this is a scissor cut style with shorter hair on the side and longer hair on top, but the significant difference is the pronounced side part. Specifically, the sides are usually short and graduated, and the top is significantly longer. This timeless classic hairstyle from the 50s offers a clean and professional look. It suits men with thick and wavy hair with a loose and free haircut that looks intentionally low-maintenance. To enhance the waviness of your hair, add a paste to damp hair and scrunch dry using your fingers. This creates volume and texture, keeping your hair looking slightly tousled. This style became popular in the last decade, especially thanks to shows like Mad Men where many of the male characters sported the cut. More celebrities known for the cut include George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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