Taylor Swift Stars in Capitol One Ad

Taylor Swift is trying to “Shake it Off” as a bartender in a new commercial but it doesn’t go well.

Swift partnered with Capitol One on a new card called “The Savor Card.” Cardholders receive an exclusive album bundle which includes a t-shirt, and a digitial standard edition of her new upcoming album, Lover, set to release on August 23.

In this playful commercial with Capital One, Swift starts it off by playing a song on a jukebox where she selects her new single “Me!” which plays as the background song throughout.

In true Taylor Swift fashion, this playful commercial is full of Easter eggs ( Swift references cleverly placed throughout the ad). For example, the total on a check featured in the commercial is 1989, a reference to her 2014 album. Swift loves cats and is appearing in the upcoming “Cats” movie and you’ll see a cat on a bill handed to the couple at the bar. In addition to a cat on the bill, each item is 13.13, that number has significance for fans as it’s known as her lucky number. At the bottom of the bill, you see it’s signed “Lover” the name of the new album with Swift’s actual autograph.

Other phrases that are shown throughout the commercial “Swiftly,” “Shake it Off” and “Extra.”

For a 30-second commercial, it takes a lot of creativity to pack-in all those Easter Eggs but somehow she made it work.

During the NFL Draft in Nashville, Swift made an unannounced appearance in the Gulch where a special mural was placed for her single “Me!”  Read more here.