5 Tips to Host Backyard Movie Party

backyard movie party

Summer time is the time to stay up late and enjoy the cool temperatures after dark.  Kids in the neighborhood can often be found playing flash light tag, catching  fireflies but we thought an idea of a neighborhood outdoor movie party would be a perfect summer activity.  Here are 5 tips to be the best host of an outdoor movie party to remember.

1. Essentials to the Movie-Screen, Projector and a Speaker.  You can either rent a large screen or you can make one with a large white sheet using some large clips.  This is when it is a good time to be friends with a high tech person who might be able to assist with the setup of the movie as well as have the equipment that will be required.

2. Ask Your Guests to Bring Blankets and Chairs- Just so you can make sure you have enough blankets and chairs, ask your guests to supply their own seating.  Also, remind your guest to bring bug spray along with an extra layer of clothing in case the temperatures drop. You could also de-bug the area before your guest arrive.

popcorn bar

3. Popcorn- You can’t have a movie without lots of popcorn!  Have a fun way to display your popcorn by having a popcorn bar with lots of seasonings or add-ins.  You can add-in candy items or pretzels to  make a popcorn mix.

4. Pick a Crowd Pleasing Movie– Select a movie that will be family friendly and one that will be a crowd pleaser. Keep the lighting low by adding candles to your area or supply the kids with glow sticks.

5. Be Kind to Your Neighbors– Make your neighbors aware that you will be hosting an outdoor movie  party.  Better yet, invite your neighbors to your party!  Be aware of the noise level of your movie as well as those around you.

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