Ravenwood Student Section of the Week

Student Section of the Week is presented by Columbia State Community College.

Hear them roar.

Creating a loud and powerful section of the stadium, the RHS Raptor student section never has a problem making a statement.

“The Ravenwood Section has historically been pretty large, but the especially good teams in last few years have helped it grow even more,” the RHS Section leader Grace Parsons said via Twitter.

The RHS student section operates as a five-person executive board. They are elected by the whole graduating class the end of their junior year.

“The ‘passing of the torch’ consists of a cheer led at the last pep rally of the year, with both graduating leaders and next year’s leaders leading it together,” Parsons said. “We usually have some of our leaders-other influential seniors stand half way up the section to get the underclass men hype too, that generally works to get everyone loud.”