Statue of Confederate General Along I-65 Hit By Vandals

Nathan Bedford

For the second time in the last four months, the statue of early KKK leader and Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest along Interstate 65 has been painted pink by vandals, according to WKRN. This happened on Wednesday

Bill Dorris, who owns the private land the statue stands on, told WKRN he thinks the vandals stood near the street and shot paintballs at the statue.

(Photo: WKRN)

Tens of thousands of people drive by it daily. Dorris, however, does not seem too worried about the vandalism.

“Oh, just live with it,” he told WKRN. “If they think the public will be pleased with painting it red, we will leave it red for a while.”

Dorris put the statue up in 1998, and it has even been shot at in the past. He has put up cameras to catch any vandalism, after the recent spate of painting.

Forrest was a slave trader and owned a plantation before the Civil War, and after the war was one of the first leaders of the former soldiers who formed the early KKK.

According to WKRN:

“This latest vandalism in Nashville comes days after statues of Forrest and Confederate President Jefferson Davis were removed from parks in Memphis in the middle of the night.Last year, the mayor of Oak Hill asked Gov. Bill Haslam to allow for the statue to at least be hidden from the interstate by trees. The Metro-Nashville council voted to make a similar request in 2015, but nothing was ever done.

The city sold two parks to a non-profit group that immediately took down the controversial monuments. Tennessee state Republicans have called for an investigation into whether the move was legal.”


  1. Of course we have to put that Forrest was a slave owner and founding member of the KKK. To bad this “reporter” failed to include other pertinent facts about Forrest’s later life. Yes he was a founder of the KKK which was a veteran organization after the Civil War. He was only a member for a year before ordering it disbanded due to its violent and hateful activities.

    As usual Liberal media reporters are never ones to allow all facts to get in the way of a good story. This is why no one takes you seriously.

  2. Truly pathetic that some folks are still trying defend a monument to a traitor who slaughtered unarmed Black prisoners. Forrest was traitor, a war criminal, not to mention the founder of KKK! Such ignorance is not so prevalent in Germany.

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