Mortgage Rates

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By Heather Listhartke

At the beginning of the year, mortgage rates for the year fell from the previous year to hang around 4.2% across the board, the first time in several years that the rate started above 4%. While it is concerning for people in finance and economists, they remain optimistic since the rates remain around 4% and fairly stable.

According to, rates this past week rates,were much more active than normal with solid gains the first three days and by Wednesday, rates were in line with the lowest levels since late November. The lower rates didn’t last, though, as Thursday and Friday saw rates move closer to the center. The figures are in line for the year though, holding steady between 4.125-4.25%, in the top tier conventional 30 year fixed loans. The thing to look for in the next week though is a congressional testimony that is likely to affect those rates.

Local mortgage rates have remained fairly stable with minimal changes, but some of the smaller banks in the area had significant increases in their rates with the instability. Here’s a few local mortgage rates, according to, based on a 30-year fixed rate with a loan of 300,000:

While mortgage rates are remaining fairly stable right now, projections from FreddieMac and other financial groups are expecting the mortgage rates to rise over the course of the year, which will largely drive the housing industry. With the higher mortgage rates, it means that you may be paying more for your new mortgage the longer you wait. That being said, it is still a really good time to buy and sell in the market.

Here’s a look at local mortgage rates:

Bank Rate
Pinnacle National Bank 4.147%
Community First Bank 4.153%
Regions Bank 4.151%
Wilson Bank and Trust 4.396%
Citizens Bank 4.403%


* The above mortgage loan information is provided to, or obtained by, Bankrate. The rate is based on 30 year fixed rate mortgage and a loan of $300,000.

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