Blake Shelton Makes Surprise Visit to Ole Red at Nashville International Airport

photo courtesy of Nashville International Airport

Travelers at Nashville International Airport were surprised with a performance by Blake Shelton.

As soon as you step off the plane into Nashville, you will often be greeted by music, but on Friday, travelers were able to hear The Voice judge Blake Shelton perform at Ole Red.

Ole Red Nashville shared on social media, “Looks like the boss man was in town this weekend Blake Shelton came to say hello to some friends during their layover at the Ole Nashville International Airport.”

In a video shared by Nashville International Airport, Shelton says it’s his first time to visit Ole Red at the airport. Shelton continued by saying he couldn’t come into an Ole Red without singing Ole Red.

This is the second location for Ole Red in Nashville, the original location on Broadway opened back in 2018. It’s also the location for the filming of Shelton’s gameshow called Barmageddon.

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