7 Non School Items to Buy During Tax Free Weekend

shopping for diapers

Tax free weekend is this weekend – July 26-28.

As in prior years, consumers will not pay state or local sales tax on clothing, school and art supplies that cost $100 or less per item and computers that cost $1,500 or less. The tax-free holiday weekend begins at 12:01 am on Friday, July 27 and ends Sunday, July 29 at 11:59 pm.

Popular tax-free weekend items usually include school supplies, clothing, and laptops, but here are seven things that you may not have considered buying during the tax-free weekend, but definitely should.

Baby items – Included on the tax-free list are diapers, clothing, and blankets.

Halloween costumes – The hardest part about buying a Halloween costume in July is getting your child to commit to a character, but if you can get them to commit, buy your costume now and save money.

Office Supplies – While you may be focused on gathering your child’s school supplies, don’t forget to stock up on any of your office needs, like pens, paper, markers, poster board, etc…

Clothing – Not just back to school clothing, but all clothing under $100 is included in the tax-free weekend. If you are looking for that item for your fall wardrobe or a piece to complete your work wardrobe, winter coats or gloves, this is the time to purchase it. You can even purchase a wedding gown tax-free as long as it is under $100 but the veil is not included on the tax-free list. And if you are looking to amp up your workout once the kids go back to school, workout clothing is included in the sale as well.

Shoes – Any shoe that is under $100 qualifies to be tax-free this weekend. Boots are included in the tax-free weekend event as well, including winter boots, hiking boots and rain boots. Ski boots are not included.

Art Supplies  – If you have younger children at home and want to restock your art supplies, now is the time to do so. Maybe you’re a member of the 615 Rocks group, purchase your paint this weekend for your rocks.

Technology – Anyone, not just students, can purchase a laptop, desktop or tablet during the tax-free weekend. Your purchase must be less than $1,500 and for personal use. Items not included on the list are flash drives, video games, printers, Kindles or Nooks, cell phones and smartphones.

Here is the list of items not eligible for tax free weekend:

Helmets, jewelry, printer ink, sewing equipment, cosmetics, fabric, goggles, handbags, hard hats, cleats, ballet or tap shoes, roller skates, school instructional material, reference books, and maps, smart phones, sport or recreational equipment, sunglasses, telephones, thread, thumb drives, tool belts, umbrellas, video game consoles, wallets, watches, welder’s gloves, wetsuits, yarn, and zippers.