WCS School Construction Update for July 2019

With several construction projects underway around the district, it’s time for an update to see how everything is progressing.

From WCS Infocus

1. Creekside Elementary School

Creekside Elementary School

All concrete floor slabs are placed, and the building framing and roof are 75 percent complete. Interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing work are in progress, as is the work on exterior stone and brick.

2. Scales Elementary School

Scales Elementary Addition

The 10-classroom addition is complete and will be ready for occupancy once Phase Two is complete. The expected completion date for Phase Two is July 30.

The installation of metal stud framing in the renovation area is complete. Drywall is being installed in the new media center. HVAC piping is installed, and insulation has begun.

The landscaper has begun irrigation work, and the site contractor is working on the new roadway.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Scales Elementary addition is scheduled for August 8 at 10:30 a.m.

3. Central East Middle School

central east middle school

The contractor is nearly finished clearing the site. Advertisement for bids for the building package is open. The site contractor is moving fill-in for the building pad.

Site detention ponds to contain storm water are complete. Sewer line installation by the City of Franklin is 65 percent complete in front of Williamson County Schools’ properties.

4. Fairview Middle School Renovation Phase One

Fairview Middle School Renovation Phase One

Contractors installed ceiling tile and rubber base. The metal stud framing and drywall is also complete. The installation of the exterior and interior doors is finished, and hardware installation has begun.

The bathrooms are 95 percent complete. Painting is also near completion.

The renovation’s expected completion date is July 26.

5. Grassland Middle School Auditorium

Grassland Middle School Auditorium

The exterior brick veneer and metal stud framing is complete. The electrical contractor is pulling wire throughout the building, and duct work is in progress. Permanent water and sewer lines are connected, and the plumbing wall rough-in is complete.

The auditorium’s expected completion date is August 30.

6. Page Middle School Addition

Page Middle School Addition

Installation and washing of the brick veneer are complete, and work on the retaining wall is underway.

Light fixtures are being installed in the classrooms, and plumbers are preparing to install fixtures in the restrooms. The first-floor restrooms have been tiled, and work on the second floor has begun.

Workers are installing drywall, and roofers are continuing work on a standing seam metal roof system.

Window frame and glass installation is in progress, and the first coat of paint throughout the building is nearly complete.

The expected completion date is September 16.

7. Entrepreneurial and Innovation Center (EIC)

Entrepreneurial and Innovation Center (EIC)

Roofers have almost completed the high roof, and the low roof is about 40 percent complete. The exterior of the building is painted. Electricians are nearly finished installing fixtures.

Vinyl composition tile is installed, and the aluminum storefront installation is complete.

The building’s expected completion date is July 30. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for August 8 at 9 a.m.

8. Independence High School Addition

Independence High School Addition

The brick veneer and electrical rough-in are completed at the cafeteria. Trusses are installed, and decking has begun. Rough-in for the under-slab plumbing is nearing completion.

Work on the concrete slab for the first floor has begun, and work on the footers for the classroom additions continues. Work on the exterior block walls has started.

9. Page High School Road and Parking Lot

The new access road has asphalt topping and speed bumps. The switchback ramp is installed at the football field.

A new septic tank is being installed.


  1. Where is “Central East” middle school? Lots of new people moving here, many with no idea where these projects are located.

  2. Do you know the status of the Middle School that is supposed to be built adjacent to Jordan Elementary?

    • The school hasn’t been named yet. That process will begin sometime during the 2019-20 school year, per WCS

  3. More work on Brentwood HIGH? I here that Independence has many portables maybe something needs to be done there, just a thought.

    • If I would have continued to look through the updates I would have seen they are working on Indy! Thanks

    • If I would have continued to look through the updates I would have seen they are working on Indy! Thanks!

  4. It would be great if they would finish the infrastructure first prior to building all these houses. Oak View has 12 portables which is ridiculous. What kind of educational experience are we giving our children. Where is our county leadership!

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