christmas decor

If you are like me, the dots are adding up on my calendar, I mean you could create a Christmas tree with all of the appointments, programs, parties, and family events.

Not to mention, has anyone completed their holiday shopping? So, here are some tips to remember when you feel a little overwhelmed.

1. Schedule downtime. Add another appointment to your calendar – make sure you schedule downtime. Watch a holiday movie, drink hot chocolate but take time to rest in between the busyness of the season.

2. Indulge in the holiday treats. Those once a year items like holiday cookies or that dish your mother makes that has way too many calories – eat them. But, be sure to stay active during the holidays. It’s a great destresser and it will help so those extra calories don’t add up.

3. Put YOU first. It can be easy to neglect your nails, hair, or face during the holidays. But you know you want to look your best. Take advantage of A Moment’s Peace Day Spa “Holiday Survival Kit” which is your choice of their signature massage, facial, or mani-pedi for only $75. Find more info here. 

4. Make Gift Giving Easy this Year. For your adult friends or family, make a pact to not buy gifts this year. Instead, you can bake an item or get out that pen and paper and write a note about a special past holiday memory or how much you appreciate them.

5. Give Back to Others. Gather your family and friends and go caroling in your neighborhood. You never know what someone is going through and the small act of kindness can change their day. Or volunteer to serve a meal at Room at the Inn or other organizations.



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