You Gotta See This: Ed Helms & His Bluegrass Band

You may recognize Ed Helms from his comedic role in the longstanding TV show “The Office” or from his role as Stu  in The Hangover movies, but did you now that Ed Helms is in a bluegrass band?

the lonesome trio, ed helmsYup, that’s right! Helms, along with his two college buddies– Ian Riggs and Jacob Tilove–have played bluegrass music together for many years. They first played under the name Weedkiller but are now known as The Lonesome Trio. The three met in college, over 20 years ago, and although it’s been difficult to keep the band together as they each pursued their own passions, they’ve continued to play and write songs together.

“The particular sound and voice of The Lonesome Trio might be described as rootsy, bluegrass-ish, Americana, or even a little bit cowboy. But a more accurate description might be the peculiar mind meld of three old friends who’ve been through 22 years of life, love, loss and laughter together, working it all out through raw and honest acoustic music,” states their Facebook Page.

The Lonesome Trio is currently on tour, even making a stop in Manchester to perform at Bonnaroo Their debut album will be available June 16th. Enjoy the video premier of “Ashland City Skyline.”