Cars N Coffee


Although it didn’t feel like Halloween weekend reaching record high temperatures, this weeks featured car is in Halloween spirit year round!img_2516

Randy Drier owns two collector cars, this week he brought his 1972 pumpkin orange Stingray. While it can’t do many tricks it certainly was a treat! Drier has lived just outside of Franklin for two years now and always enjoys a Saturday morning at Cars’n Coffee. His other collector car is also orange, when asked if orange was his favorite color he replied, “No, not really. It just ended up that way.”

img_2512Drier says he loves his 1972 Stingray because “It looks good from every angle and is truly a piece of American art.”
Drier is the third owner of his Stingray. It was fully restored by the second owner and all is original except for the radio and the radiator.

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Cars ‘N Coffee
is a gathering of automotive enthusiasts that meets every Saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. at the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Theater in Franklin.