Where can you see Freddy, Jason, Mike, Pennywise, White-walkers, Leatherface, Jigsaw, the girl from the Ring, Pinhead and all your other favorite scary movie villains in one place?

In Tim and Lisa Sims front yard at 517 Crafton Street off Hillsboro Road in Franklin, where each year they set up a disturbingly life-like, and life-sized, display for Halloween of all their favorite characters.

They have at least 20 mannequins, dressed up and in media res, with bloody chainsaw, knife or ax in hand; as well as a graveyard; a cute, howling and red-eyed skeleton dog in a cage; a ghost-horse drawn carriage; and more. At night they run fog machines and strobe lights, that animates the characters and almost makes it look like they are moving– toward you, of course.

“We started doing it six years ago, and each year try to add something new,” said Tim, who with his wife Lisa, has lived in this neighborhood since 2002. “We love horror flicks. Nowadays they are all into gore, but for us the classics are where it is at.”

The first year, only Jason Vorhees, from Friday the 13th, and Mike Myers, from Halloween, stood steady, ready to scare any and all trick-or-treaters.

The year, the Sims added one of The Strangers, and it sometimes catches them by surprise.

“I leave for work when it is still dark, and some mornings that one still makes my heart skip a beat when I see it, before I remember,” Tim said.

One day, they hope to fill up all of their property for Halloween. They do something similar for Christmas, but haven’t figured out exactly how to repurpose the mannequins as elves.

Their neighbors love it, Tim said.

“I am glad to see people still embrace this kind of fun,” Tim said. “We don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood but I wish we did. I would love more kids to come by so we can scare them. That is the whole point– that one day a year when we learn it is ok to feel scared; I just love Halloween.”

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