Honest Coffee Roaster Opens in The Factory

Honest Coffee Roasters

There is a new coffee shop in Franklin that we think you will find a must do on your next outing.  Honest Coffee Roaster is located in the Factory in Franklin.  Just recently opened, we sat down with them to learn more about what they do, what drink they would order and what’s with the name Honest Coffee Roaster?

What made you want to open Honest Coffee Roasters?

Honest Coffee Roasters is the creation Brett Henry and Bill Butler who wanted to open a coffee roasting company. With all the significant changes coming to the Factory, there was a need for a coffee shop, so they decided to open the shop and the roaster in the same space.

Can you tell us the inspiration for the name Honest Coffee Roasters?

We get our name famous from the famous 16th President Abraham Lincoln, hence our logo. We also see honesty as a quality to strive for by the way we treat out customers, and source our coffee.

How is Honest Coffee Roasters different than other coffee shops?

To my knowledge, we are the first shop in Franklin to have the roaster in the same space, which kind of makes us a destination. We also have a very minimalist menu, so you won’t be seeing a lot of syrups on our menu. We believe our coffee speaks for itself.

If you were a customer in your coffeehouse, what drink would you order?

I would order and espresso and a drip coffee. Plain and simple.

In a few words, how would you describe Honest Coffee Roasters?

Transparent, quality driven, experience, and family.

Thanks so much for taking time out to talk to us about Honest Coffee Roasters in The Factory.  If you haven’t stopped by, it is one of the best places to  enjoy a cup of coffee. And if you haven’t  tried one of the pastries, you must try one of the Paleo Crushers or 100 Layer Donuts.  A perfect match for the smooth amazing coffee.

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