Check Presented to Brentwood Mayor by Brentwood Greenspace

logoAt the Brentwood City Commission meeting on Monday, July 27, 2015, a $9,000.00 check was presented to Mayor Regina Smithson by the president of Citizens for Brentwood Greenspace, Gil Hutchinson. The organization led by citizens of Brentwood are continuing to raise funds in the community for open space preservation and parks development.

Check  to ReginaThe overall five year goal for Citizens of Brentwood Green Space (CBGS) set back in 2011 is set at $300,000,00. Currently the amount raised through private donations is at nearly $110,000.00. The monies raised will provide amenities at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, and helped Brentwood purchase the 80 acres of Ravenswood Farms.

The decision to purchase the additional acreage for Smith Park was a unanimous decision by the City Commision. Described as a “crown jewel,” members of the citizen led group will work with the city, and community to provide both input and private donations until the goal has been reached.

Green space is an important issue to Brentwood residents and the CBGS is committed in their efforts to ensure that development of land resources is accomplished in a way that is beneficial to landowners, to existing citizens and most importantly, to the future generations that will call Brentwood home.

smithparkmapConnecting city by bike and walk-ways, preservation of historic sites and making sure open spaces are accessible are a few of the goals set by the CBGS.

To learn more visit Citizens for Brentwood Green Space. CBGS is a non profit and donations can also be made to the 501c3 on their website.

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