Game of the Week: Nolensville v Summit

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This is a year of firsts for Summit and for Nolensville when it comes to football.

Summit, two weeks ago, beat Independence for the first time in the 6 year history of its program.

While for Nolensville, this whole year is a first: first full varsity season, and of course each time it plays a team it is the first match up.

The Nolensville Knights, at 0-3, are still looking for their first-ever win. It seems a long shot coming against Summit, which is 2-1 and coming off two huge wins.

The Spartans, as mentioned above, beat the Eagles two weeks ago for the first time ever in a strong, convincing 31-17 win. Then last week they proved they are a for-real contender this year in Class 5A by absolutely destroying White County out in Sparta, 47-0.

However, what the two teams have in common this year is a loss to Spring Hill, for the first-time in a longtime perhaps the best team of the three Spring Hill-area high schools.

In week one, Summit lost as close as you can: 21-20 at Spring Hill. If the game had been at Summit, things might have gone differently.

Nolensville, then, visited Spring Hill last week. For a first-year team, playing against a team that seems like a juggernaut this year, the Knights exceeded expectations in the 27-13 loss.

The Knights, like the Spartans, also opened the year up with a one-point loss, to Fayetteville, 27-26.

This is not a district game, with Nolensville in Class 4A, but as an in-county first-time match-up between the two newest squads in the county, the Knights will play a team that just a few years ago was as new as they are.

They might not be favored to win, but if they put up a good fight it can be a learning experience.

After all, in Summit’s first season in 2011, they went winless, and here they are fighting for the top of their district.