Franklin High Begins Discussing Mascot Change


A new committee is asking for feedback from the Franklin High community as it explores whether to change the school’s mascot.

The committee is composed of district administrators and Franklin High faculty, students, school leaders and community members. Chaired by WCS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb, the group met for the first time July 7.

“The committee’s purpose is not to decide on a new mascot but to make a recommendation on whether a change should occur, and we want input from the Franklin High community,” said Webb.

According to Webb, the committee requested to receive additional feedback and asked the community to email their thoughts to [email protected].

“This is an opportunity for members of the Franklin High community to share thoughts with the committee as it meets,” said Webb. “This is not a request for mascot suggestions, nor is it a community vote. It is simply a way for the Franklin High community to share any feedback they think should be considered when making this decision.”

Franklin High’s mascot, originally the Pioneers, was changed to the Rebels in 1936. Since then, there have been several student-led and community-led attempts to change the mascot. The last notable appeals to change the mascot were in the early 1990s and 2018.

Franklin High Principal Dr. Shane Pantall made his own appeal to begin discussion after two petitions from Franklin High alumni received more than 2,500 signatures and were brought to his attention.

During its initial meeting, the committee discussed the history of Franklin High’s mascot, community perspectives and the background behind the requests for change.

At its next meeting, the committee will formulate a recommendation to Superintendent Jason Golden about whether or not there is a need to change the school’s mascot. If change is recommended, the committee will suggest a timeline for implementation, and the school principal will follow district protocol for new mascot creation. If no change is recommended, no further action is needed by the committee or principal.

The deadline to submit feedback is Wednesday, July 15.


  1. This is another knee-jerk reaction. The Rebels embody the social unrest going on by those with “white guilt”. Those with no moral compass who only want to appease terrorist want to change the name. Our founders didn’t appease the red-coat terrorist and be wishy washy so they would appear tolerant. The founders took the bull by the horns and stood up to those who bullied them. We need to carry on the tradition and shut down the attempts by those with limp wrists who want to transform our constitutional representative republic to a democracy/oligarchy. Time to study unadulterated history.

  2. I believe that Franklin needs to maintain its historical displays such as statues and landmarks as well as maintain the HS mascot which represents the rich history of the area. I think once you begin to change the historical markers and/or names there will be no end to it. Where does it stop?? Almost 100 years of alumni from Franklin HS this move would somewhat tarnish their history and heritage. I basketball and football for Columbia Central Lions and Franklin was one of our close rivals. Never did I ever see the Rebels as some type racist symbol. I’m quite sure that my teammates didn’t either. VOTE NO CHANGE!!!!!

  3. The Rebel mascot is a not a symbol of the Revolutionary War – it is a symbol of a short-lived rebellion which cost America the lives of 500,000 citizens. The union was preserved, yet since that time other rebels (such as the Ku Klux Klan) have embraced the confederacy’s spirit and imagery while committing acts of racial terrorism. The Rebel mascot is confederate imagery. No Williamson County student or school should showcase mascots which symbolize white supremacy and racial terrorism.

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