WCS High School DECA Students Advance to Internationals

From WCS inFocus


Williamson County Schools DECA students are heading to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

At the virtual Tennessee State Career Development Conference March 8-12, dozens of WCS high school students used their career knowledge to excel in various competitions, including business finance, human resource management and integrated marketing. As a result of their success, those students who placed high enough in their categories will compete at the ICDC April 12 through May 6.

“This placement shows the hard work that the students and teachers are doing,” said WCS College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) Director Jeremy Qualls. “These students will compete in their respective categories against students across the nation as well as other countries. We want to wish all of the WCS students the best of luck in the upcoming competition.”

Congratulations to the following students:

Brentwood High

  • Emily Kalinowski: First, Principles of Finance
  • Nika Kondee: First Alternate, Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Haley Carpenter and Hallie Fritz: First Alternate, Team Decision Making Events
  • MJ Brown: First, Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
  • Nelson Wright: Second, Automotive Sevices Marketing
  • Ben Vest: First Alternate, Automotive Services Marketing
  • Colin Carpenter: Third, Business Finance
  • Garrett Holland: First Alternate, Business Services Marketing
  • Ruijing Hau: Fourth, Hotel and Lodging Marketing
  • Nelson Rose: First, Human Resource Management
  • Shawnuk Moghe: First Alternate, Restaurant and Food Services
  • Amaj Nath: First Alternate, Retail Services Marketing
  • Jason Wang and William Hong: Second, Innovation Plan
  • Meggie Chen: Fourth, Franchise Business Plan
  • Faith Inkum, Sarina Sadeghzadeh and Nina Lattimore: Fourth, Integrated Marketing Campaign – Event
  • Lacy D’Aprille and Selena Taratoot: Second, Integrated Marketing Plan – Service
  • Emmy D’Aprille and Hollan Powers: Fourth, Integrated Marketing Plan – Product

Centennial High

  • Chloe Tellis: Fifth, Principles of Marketing

Franklin High

  • Fisher Anderson and Adam Ray: Third, Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making

Independence High

  • Alayna Biggs and Billy Lyons: Second, Integrated Marketing Campaign – Event

Page High

  • Madison Slater and Emelie McKenzie: First, Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making

Summit High

  • Makayla Dobeck and Ella McClendon: Gold, School Based Enterprise Certification

Ravenwood High

  • Nithyashree Prabhu: Fifth, Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Jo Jamullanmudi and Siddharth Singh: Third, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making
  • Ana-Laura Morales and Sarah White: First Alternate, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
  • Meredith Sedberry: First, Accounting Application Series
  • Sia Bakshi: Third, Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
  • Sydney Fogerty: Fifth, Apparel and Accessories Markerting Series
  • Kamna Shree Mohankumar: Fifth, Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series
  • Karthik Chitturri: Fifth, Restaurant and Food Service Management Series
  • Katelyn Johnson: Third, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series
  • Harshitha Marepally: First, Personal Financial Literacy
  • Shreya Jain, Aditi Jindai and John Hubbard: Third, Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research
  • Megan Kavala and Srihita Adabala: Second, Business Solutions Project
  • Sowjanya Dalai and Ramya Vadapalli: Second, Career Development Project
  • Sydnee Floyd and Parrish Rothman: First, Community Awareness Project
  • Joyce Johnson, Mary Jamullamudi and Ammar Farra: Third, Community Giving Project
  • Riley Jorgenson, Ella Skaar and Avery Wissmar: Third, Sales Project
  • Prisha Shethia and Anishka Chitreddy: Third, Innovation Plan
  • Mira Wadhawan and Debra Zhang: Third, Start-Up Business Plan
  • Rohan Tyagi, Aryn Chadda and Faiz Amiraly: Second, Franchise Business Plan
  • Shobhini Kumar and Harshitha Sriramoju: First Alternate, Integrated Marketing Campaign – Event
  • Omkar Upadhye: First, Financial Consulting
  • Aashvi Gowrisankar: Third, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

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