Local Real Estate Entrepreneur Launches “Teen Wealth Workshop”

Teen Wealth Workshop, a dynamic 2-day event that teaches kids and teens financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and how to build wealth, is set to take place on June 19th and 20th, 2024 in Franklin, TN.

This immersive event is more than just a summer camp or conference—it’s a transformative experience designed to empower young minds to take control of their financial future. Over two days, attendees will delve into topics such as financial literacy, business principles, entrepreneurship, real estate, income streams, smart investing, wealth mindset, success habits, and more.

Local real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and retired Navy pilot Bill Allen is hosting the event. Bill is a resident of the Nashville area and is passionate about helping families achieve financial freedom. With Teen Wealth Workshop, Bill and his team are bringing this same passion to teaching kids and teens.

“This might be the most important workshop I’ve ever held,” Bill says. “I want kids to know they can be creators and not just consumers. I want them to know they don’t have to wait until they’re grown up to launch a business and start making money. I want them to know they can have full control of their finances starting right now, while they’re still young—so they don’t have to make the mistakes so many adults have made on the way to success.”

Teen Wealth Workshop is designed for kids and teens aged 11-17, but all ages are welcome and families are encouraged to attend together. The event is happening one time only, in-person, in Franklin, TN on June 19-20. Registration is open now with tickets priced at $197 for “1 adult + 1 child.” Additional tickets for other children or parents can be purchased for $97 each. Anyone interested in attending can register at https://7figureflipping.com/tww24-pr.

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