Franklin Millennial Sten Morgan Shares Secrets of Success

Franklin millennial Sten Morgan feels as if his generation is often painted with a broad brush, stained with a lack of ambition and a drive for success, but at just 30 years old, Morgan is one of the country’s youngest elite financial advisers.

In his upcoming book, The Seven Mindsets of Success (coming out on July 4, 2017), Morgan goes behind the scenes of his entrepreneurial achievements and explains how other young professionals can rise to the top. Watch our interview with Sten Morgan below.

Morgan has a unique perspective as a successful millennial who went from $40 in the bank to earning a six-figure income in just three years after starting his own business. Tested in a real-world context, the mindsets espoused in The Seven Mindsets of Success guided Morgan’s rapid business development and can help other businesses achieve new heights.

Perfect for young professionals or seasoned veterans looking for a new spark, The Seven Mindsets of Success is a quick read that can transform business outlooks and jumpstart dream careers.

The book explains how to:

  • Create new daily habits that boost productivity and achieve results that lead to more money, happier clients, and deeper personal fulfillment.
  • Confidently put business techniques into action to resolve conflicts, improve time management, balance work and family and practice generosity.
  • Work harder, longer and with more purpose.

Sten Morgan graduated from Linfield in Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. In college, he interned at Northwestern Mutual selling life insurance and quickly rose to the top 10 percent of the group. After college, Morgan applied for his dream job at an investment firm and was hired on the spot. A prodigious student of the financial industry, Morgan earned his investment licenses in record time. After a few years, he decided it was time to build his own financial practice, Legacy Investment Planning. The Seven Mindsets of Success is his first book. Learn more at