Celebrations Begin for WCS Teachers of the Year

From WCS inFocus

Williamson County Schools has begun to honor the district’s Teachers of the Year with plans to continue the celebration.

Each school selects a teacher to honor, and a teacher from the elementary, middle and high school levels are selected for a system-wide Teacher of the Year award. These three teachers will be in competition for regional and state honors.

On January 27, Superintendent Jason Golden traveled to the schools to surprise the district-wide winners in their classrooms. Take a look at the reactions to each announcement. Click here to view the full list.

1Elementary School Teacher of the Year

The elementary school Teacher of the Year is Crockett Elementary’s gifted teacher Stephanie Higgs.

“I was honored to be recognized and affirmed by my peers, and this honor was multiplied tenfold when I was selected by the district as the Elementary Teacher of the Year,” Higgs said. “WCS is notorious for being a leading district of excellence in education, and it is my great honor to represent our incredible elementary schools and all for which they stand.

2Middle School Teacher of the Year

Mill Creek Middle interventionist Latoya Howell is the Middle School Teacher of the Year.

“This year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for everyone, and in the midst of everything to be select as Teacher of the Year by my colleagues and additionally at the district level affirms that I am standing in my purpose,” Howell said. “I am inspired and driven by my students’ growth. I appreciate them, their parents, my family and my colleagues for all the support and encouragement. Teaching is more than just a job. It is truly my passion.”

3High School Teacher of the Year

Matt Balzer is the High School Teacher of the Year. He is the TV/Film teacher at Independence High.

“It’s truly an honor to receive the award,” Balzer said. “I have been so lucky throughout my time at Independence to have the best students in my classes. It is awesome to be able to represent them. I also hope this can shine more of a spotlight on the amazing things the College, Career and Technical Education programs in Williamson County are doing.”