Locklayer’d Cakes Turns Your Dreams into Reality

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At Locklayer’d Cakes, owners Natasha and husband Anthony Locklayer strive for excellence in their service by giving their clients exceptional cakes made with the highest quality products.

When the Locklayer daughters started school several years ago, Natasha and Anthony began supplying cupcakes for class parties and birthdays. “After a while it became expensive purchasing from bakeries, so I decided to start doing the baking myself,” Natasha said. “After several instances of hearing ‘These are amazing, where did you get them?’ I was shocked. Everyone couldn’t have been lying to me.” Natasha and Anthony started a small business, baking for friends and family. But after all the requests they received, the couple decided to open up a boutique bakery, Locklayer’d Cakes in June 2015.

Locklayer’d Cakes makes perfect cakes for birthdays, graduations, weddings, corporate events and much more. The Locklayer’s go above and beyond to make sure each cake is everything their clients envision, which is clear from their motto, “We bake your dreams into reality.”

Natasha and Anthony run the business out of their Brentwood home. Natasha said she enjoys running the business side by side with Anthony, making memories and building a foundation for their daughters. “Our goal is to give all of our clients exceptional cakes and also make them visually pleasing,” she said. “We want you to fall in love with the look and creativity of the cake before you even taste it. And then after that first bite, you’ll fall in love all over again.”

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