WCS Answers Questions About COVID-19 Metrics

From WCS inFocus

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In the November 10 edition of Williamson County Schools’ “Rumor Mill,” WCS answers questions from parents about how the district is monitoring COVID-19 metrics.

I heard the county is close to hitting the 0.5% mark for active COVID cases. Why isn’t the district using the red, green, and yellow metric to determine whether to close schools anymore?

The metric used over the summer was created to gauge how the district would open school to the start the 2020-21 school year. As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, the district has continued to adjust and improve on its processes. We are monitoring the county-wide metrics, and the local Health Department is doing that as well while staying in communication with us regarding what they find when positive cases hit schools. Since everyone returned to campus early in the year and the State altered how they measured the metric that we started the year with, we have been using three main metrics for monitoring our schools: (1) local Health Department recommendations due to positive cases and quarantines, (2) staffing, and (3) overall attendance.

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