Poplar Grove Middle Selected to Receive Trauma-Informed School Training

Poplar Grove Middle School

Poplar Grove Middle School was selected as one of 176 schools across the state to be included in the second cohort of training to become a trauma-informed school. According to a press release from the Tennessee Department of Education, “the model trauma-informed school designation recognizes schools for their emphasis on implementing trauma-informed strategies to provide critical supports for students. Schools implementing trauma-informed approaches have seen improvements in school climate, attendance, and teacher satisfaction, while seeing a reduction in suspensions and expulsions, stress for staff and students, and more.”

Poplar Grove Middle School Principal Dr. Chris Treadway is excited about the opportunities that becoming a trauma-informed school will provide to his students. “We believe strongly in educating the whole child and are excited for the additional training related to the impact trauma has on students. We know that this will enable us to fulfill our commitment to the whole child and to build more meaningful relationships with the children we serve.”

In the Franklin Special School District, Poplar Grove Middle will join Liberty Elementary in becoming a trauma-informed school. Liberty was in the first cohort in 2018-2019 and has been using the training to help students receive the support they need to be successful in school. Liberty Elementary Principal Amy Patton notes, “Implementing the training has had a significant impact on our faculty and staff’s understanding of trauma as it relates to our students and their families. We are excited for Poplar Grove Middle as they begin their journey toward becoming a trauma informed school.”

“Like each student, each school community is special and unique, and schools that implement trauma-informed strategies are helping to ensure students receive the academic and nonacademic supports they need,” said Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn in the press release. “The department is thrilled to be able to more than double the number of trauma-informed schools in the state to help provide school officials, teachers and staff with training and resources to help all students reach their full potential.”

Through the application process, Poplar Grove Middle committed to a two-year development cycle, including high-quality training, resources, and ongoing support as they implement trauma-informed strategies.