A New Line of Premium Ready-to-Drink Craft Cocktails, Spirited Hive, Recently Launched


Spirited Hive, a new line of ready-to-drink craft cocktails made with quality spirits, all-natural ingredients and organic honey, launched in February of 2022. Retail locations in Nashville and New York City were the first to carry the line.

Founder Jack Espy created Spirited Hive while at grad school at New York University during the pandemic, after many late nights spent making cocktails for friends. Always left with a mess, Jack jokingly told his friends that he should can his cocktails, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup. When pressed about which cocktail he would can, he named his favorite: a Moscow Mule, made with mint and honey. Little did he know, Moscow Mules aren’t typically made with honey, but this happy accident sparked the inspiration for Spirited Hive. The 100% certified organic wildflower honey in every can is sourced from Lancaster, PA.

“Spirited Hive is a drink that brings the whole hive together, making it even sweeter with a little bit of honey,” says Jack. “I switched career paths from what was going to be a more corporate lifestyle to something that I was passionate about. Quarantine really changed my life and set me on a new course. I went from working in real estate finance to creating my own cocktail company; talk about a 180!”

Spirited Hive Cocktails (SRP $16.99/4-pack retail and $18.99 online with free shipping on first order) come in three unique flavor combinations:

Bourbon Whiskey Infused with Rosemary, Lemon & Honey

7% ABV

Spirited Hive uses real bourbon sourced from Green River Distilling Co. in Owensboro, Kentucky, an iconic distillery dating back to the late 1800s, with 100 percent all-natural ingredients.

Tequila Infused with Ginger, Lime & Honey

7% ABV

Made using a Blanco tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, home to Casamigos. Other ingredients include filtered water, organic wildflower honey, natural and organic flavors, lime juice concentrate, and organic ginger juice.

Vodka Infused with Cranberry, Lime & Honey

7% ABV

Spirited Hive’s six-times distilled corn vodka comes from St. Louis, Missouri, and follows the same distilling process as Tito’s Handmade Vodka to deliver the smooth taste that everyone loves.

About Spirited Hive Cocktails

Spirited Hive is a new line of three premium ready-to-drink craft cocktails made with high quality spirits. The initial launch includes a bourbon, tequila and vodka cocktail, each infused with all-natural ingredients and organic honey. Spirited Hive is the brainchild of Jack Espy, who found himself in grad school at New York University during a global pandemic, making cocktails for his “hive.” The line is available in Nashville and other select markets, as well as online at www.spiritedhive.com/. Follow Spirited Hive at @spiritedhive.

You can find Spirited Hive at the following Nashville area locations: 818 Wine & Spirits, Buds Liquors and Wine, Midtown Corkdorks Wine Spirits Beer, and Sinkers Wine Spirits & Beer in Nashville; Brinkman’s Wine in Brentwood; Franklins Wine and Spirits in Franklin; and Parkway Wine & Spirits and Smyrna Divine Wine & Spirits in Smyrna.

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