Leaf & Brush Removal Information

It’s that time of year. Your yard, driveway and gutters are filling with leaves! If you’re wondering what to do with all your leaves and other brush, see the information below, which details what kinds of leaf/brush removal services are available in Williamson County.


The City offers two collection options—Biodegradable Paper Bag Collection and the Bulk Loose Leaf Collection program.

Option One: Biodegradable Paper Bag Collection
Curbside collection of biodegradable paper bags containing leaves, grass clippings, small twigs and shrub trimmings are collected weekly throughout the year by the Solid Waste Department on your regularly scheduled Trash pickup day. Place the biodegradable paper bags at least five (5) feet from your rollout container.

Option Two: Bulk Loose Leaf Collection
Each year beginning on October 1st until the following January 31st the Street Department provides residents with an alternative way to dispose of their leaves. Using specialized mechanical equipment, Street Department crews collect leaves from the curbside. The City of Franklin is divided into 5 Collection Zones, with each zone having a scheduled day of the week for collection. On the day of collection leaves should be raked curbside by 6:30 am. The City asks that residents rake leaf piles as close to the streets edge as possible.

Get more information here, including a map of collection zones.


The monthly pickup of brush at all Brentwood residences represents one of the most popular services of the Public Works Department. This service is designed to accommodate routine trimming and pruning done by the homeowner and not larger scale brush/tree trimming performed by third parties. Without this limitation, the City would be unable to service all Brentwood homes on a monthly basis.

In an effort to provide this service in a cost-effective manner, the Department has an established route schedule for each area of the City. This schedule designates a specific collection week each month (i.e. first, second, etc.) for each area of the City. The week that contains the first Monday of the month is considered the first week of the month.

Chipper Service guidelines have been established by the Public Works Department. Homeowners are asked to follow these guidelines when preparing their brush for collection.

Stack brush behind the curb as close as possible but not in the road or on the shoulder of the road. Placement on the paved surfaces of the street is prohibited and creates a danger to the public and potential liability to the homeowner. Bagged leaves will be picked up but dirt, loose leaves and trash will not.

Get more information here and if you have any questions, call the Public Works Department at 371-0080.

Spring Hill

Brush and limbs cut by the homeowner will be collected if the length of the branches is no longer than six (6) feet.  Yard waste and grass clippings should be placed in biodegradable paper bags.
Yard waste and grass clipping bag should be no more than 40 pounds (any bags over 40 lbs will not be picked up).

Debris will not be picked up. Debris may include, but not limited to, tree limbs and other yard clippings, re-modeling debris, glass windows, or doors, and broken appliances installed by someone other than the homeowner. Homeowners not in compliance may receive citations from the City Codes Department.

Spring Hill residents should go online to request pickup.

Thompson’s Station

Thompson’s Station does not provide trash pick-up of any type. If you live within one of the subdivisions, the trash collection is organized through the HOA, so you should contact them. Those not living in a subdivision can utilize the convenience center located next to Thompson’s Station Park or they can contract with a private trash service. If you are going to take yard waste to the convenience center you may want to call first, there may be limits as to how much you can take at one time – the phone number is 615-790-9642.


Nolensville does not provide trash pick-up. Residents should take trash and recyclables to the Nolensville Convenience Center located at 1525 Owen Road (776-2717).

There are several private companies that you can contract with for trash collection as well, such as BFI – 242-0331; Clean Earth – 794-7599; Shamrock Sanitation – 566-3587


The City of Fairview runs a route every week until brush and leaves are picked up. Get more information here.

You can get a list of all Williamson County convenience centers here.

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