Hill Center Breaks Ground in Brentwood

The official ground breaking for the Hill Center Brentwood was held on Tuesday, June 23rd. The event was a celebration long in the making and the community turned out to mark the occasion.

Wentworth Caldwell Jr., the Chairman of H.G. Hill Company welcomed everyone to the festivities. “Hill Center Brentwood will be the largest and finest center ever built,” Caldwell shared.

He then went on to give a shout out saying, “Go Vandy!” Jimmy Granberry, CEO of H.G. Hill Realty Company, quipped, “Thanks you stole my line.”

Granberry went on saying, “Bright future for the City of Brentwood. We’ve had enough zoning meetings, this is a day to celebrate!” The comment was met with a lot of laughter as this project has been a long process and at one time the rezoning got off track, however thanks to C2 zoning, the plans were accepted. He went on to thank the Mayor, the Commissioners and the neighboring businesses who unanimously approved the project.

Before the event began Granberry said, “People have no idea what goes into the end product. Begin pouring concrete and it makes it real. Come July, stuff will take shape and people will see vertical buildings taking shape. No turning back, the commitments been made.”

Thanking many, Granbery introduced Jeff Drummonds, Managing Partner of LBMC. They were the first to commit to space in the phase one. LBMC is the largest regional accounting and financial services family of companies based in Tennessee.

Drummonds explained “There is no better place to raise a family. Staff wanted to be in Brentwood, community makes a difference.”

The last speaker was Brentwood’s Mayor Regina Smithson. Opening with a funny story about sitting next to Granberry’s mother in the front row she apparently told Smithson, “They said we are waiting on the Mayor but I see your name tag say’s the Mayor?” Seems she thought the Mayor of Nashville Karl Dean would be speaking. It made for a fun story and again, more laughter filled the event.

With the promise of upscale retail and office space to the City’s core, Hill Center Brentwood will offer amenities including connectivity and walk-ability to Maryland Park Way, Maryland Farms YMCA and several restaurants, while providing convenient parking and community space.

The first phase of the development is set to open in October of 2016. LBMC will fill the first space in Phase One. The entire project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

For more information visit,  Hill Center Brentwood.

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