Murff’s Craft Brews and Burgers Offers More Than Just Burgers

Murff's Craft Brews and Burgers

Murff’s Craft Brews and Burgers in Brentwood is a new restaurant featuring burgers, craft beers and menu items made with “Murff’s Magic Mix Seasonings.” A great addition to the neighborhood, Murff’s is a place you can enjoy a burger and beer, but still feel comfortable bringing the family along. Murff’s has a local feel as it’s not a chain, is family owned and operated, and because of the story behind the name, it has a deeply personal feel.

Murff’s features burgers that come in four sizes, from single patty to, “Buddy’s Homerun” that has four layers of burgers. The server shared that very few have been able to walk away saying they could eat the entire burger.  Made to order, you pick your bread, meat, cheese and toppings for the burger that makes your mouth water. The single, as you can see in the photo, was a mouth full, can’t imagine the larger sizes.

Menu items include homemade chips and sides and at the center of most of the recipes is “Murff’s Magic Mix Seasonings.” The restaurant space used to house Phillips Deli. Patrons will be glad to know that the famous pasta salad from Phillips is included on the menu, and is still as delicious as it used to be.

While sitting at the table waiting for food, the thought that came to mind was “endearing.” Looking around at the walls covered in pictures created by the owners’ father, my favorite wall was the one with simple lunch bags. It seems Mr. Murphy, who Murff’s is named for, used to draw on the bags for his children’s first day of school.

Beyond a great burger, the personal touches really meant something to me. You can sit in a chain any day, but how often do you get to enjoy a meal surrounded by sentimental items from a family?

The story behind the man who Murff’s is named for:

Wayne F. Murphy, born Nov 30, 1931 in Nashville, TN. He was a life time Nashville resident, a real estate broker and a decorated Marine. Murphy fought in the battle of the Chosin Resovoir during the Korean War. He received numerous medals for his heroic actions during this battle.

Murphy fathered seven sons and became a real estate broker. While he was a broker he developed the recipe for Murff’s Magic Mix. He would share a bottle of his magic with his clients, friends, and family but he never shared his recipe. He made the recipe for almost 30 years.

If you go to Murff’s, expect a good burger, great selection of local brews, and a place you can watch your favorite sports teams with family and friends. For more information, visit Murff’s Craft Brews and Burgers

To order “Murff’s Magic Mix Seasonings”

Murff’s is located at 5015 Harpeth Drive in Brentwood.

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