Amazon Chief Technology Officer Shares His 2022 Tech Predictions

More than 15 years after Amazon Web Services (AWS) pioneered cloud technology, cloud infrastructure has evolved to reach practically anywhere on the planet—and even into space. The cloud has allowed what was once science fiction to become science fact. Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon Chief Technology Officer, said we have reached a phase in technology “where data is abundant, access to it is almost instantaneous, and our ability to make sense of it in new and subtle ways is practically automatic.” Vogels predicts that 2022 will be an exciting year for technology, pushing all of us—and the planet—forward.

Here are two of his five major predictions for where technology is headed next year:

  • The rise of smart spaces, especially in senior care, will help with our most basic tasks, such as dimming lights, locking doors, and switching off the oven, to more complex tasks, such as asking questions when normal living patterns diverge. “It will result in taking better care of people, and in the case of an aging population, it means that we will create a new class of homes so people can actually stay at home,” Vogels said.
  • Broadband access will bring innovation with low Earth orbit satellites like those from Amazon’s Project Kuiper, to spread fast, affordable broadband to unserved and underserved communities around the world, unlocking endless possibilities. “Try to imagine what happens in schools when every kid can use the same learning tools, or when small and medium-sized businesses get hold of digital tools they need to win more customers, grow their businesses, and create jobs in rural and remote communities around the world,” Vogels said.

Additional predictions