10 Things About Brentwood We Bet You Didn’t Know

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7. Home of the Infamous Hair Metal Band Whyte Lace

You might not expect an 80s hair metal band to come from Brentwood. But, in the 1980s, that is just what happened when Whyte Lace formed.

Don Tyner, a developer who used to live in Woodmere, the old mansion at 802 Franklin Road, had a son, Jace, who really, really wanted to make it big, in both hair and rock.

So Tyner supported financially and used his connections to promote Jace’s band, named Whyte Lace.

They drove around in a white limousine and, as their name suggests, wore plenty of lace along with the other makeup, feathered hair, leather-and-androgyny garb of the hair metal era.

Whyte Lace never made it very far out of their Brentwood beginnings. Tyner’s connections led to tryouts and showcases with music executives, and they played shows around Nashville, such as in TPAC’s Jackson Hall. They would go out and be seen at places like Gold Rush and Elliston Place, decked out to look the part, at least. A music industry paper, Metro, even put them on the cover.

However, despite all this support, Whyte Lace never was signed. But longtime Brentwood residents might remember seeing them!