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nathaniel russell house

5 Must See Antebellum Mansions

The South is known for many things, like our accents, food, hospitality and heritage. One piece of this heritage isĀ  seen in the many...

7 Things About Spring Hill You Might Not Know

7. Quickest to Grow Spring Hill has been the fastest growing part of one of the fastest growing regions of the country. Franklin and Brentwood...

7 Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

1.Saint Patrick You may know that St Patrick's Day is named after Saint Patrick but did you know that he wasn't Irish, and he wasn't...
daylight saving time spring forward

“Spring Forward” For Daylight Saving Time

It's time to "spring forward" as daylight saving time begins Sunday. Technically, it ends at 2am Sunday morning, so be sure to set your...
president's day

How President’s Day Came to Be & Other Fun Facts

It's President's Day! Although a federal holiday, if you aren't a government employee or work in banking, you probably still have to go to...
martin luther king jr

5 Facts About Martin Luther King Jr You May Not Know

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968). He was a minister and social activist whose leadership during the American civil rights movement changed...

7 Things About Spring Hill You Might Not Know

6. Saturn Changed Everything Saturn might no longer be a car that is made by General Motors, but the General Motors manufacturing presence that still...

7 Things About Williamson County You Might Not Know

3. A Monday Drive Today, A Death-Defying Pass Then When the first settlers came down from the Nashville-area, just getting here meant putting your life...

Granny White’s Story Now Told in Brentwood Park

If you didn't know - Granny White, the namesake of the Brentwood City Park and the road, was a real person. She ran an inn...

7 Things About Spring Hill You Might Not Know

5. Spring Hill is Young Spring Hill is much younger than the average city. In 2014, the average age of a Spring Hill resident was...

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American Legion Post 82
Tue, Nov 13 8:00 pm
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