Protest Against Downtown Franklin Confederate Statue Planned for Friday Night

Students for Black Empowerment
photo from Students for Black Empowerment Instagram

A protest against the Confederate statue in downtown Franklin, is planned for tonight, Friday, July 31, at 5:30pm.

Students for Black Empowerment, a Franklin-based group, organized the protest. Starting point for the march will be Bicentennial Park at 400 Fifth Avenue North, Franklin and will end at Public Square.

Via Instagram, Students for Black Empowerment write they are marching because “As citizens of Williamson County, we do not want a Confederate statue standing in a place of honor representing our town. This statue is a reminder of the days of intimidation and oppression towards African American residents. In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the increased public discourse about systemic racism, we believe it is time to highlight black voices by speaking out against such a divisive symbol.”

Those who wish to participate are asked to make signs. The group asked that the signs focus on the removal of the statue with no profanity.

For the latest updates from Students for Black Empowerment visit their Instagram.

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  1. Will Pro Statue citizens be out there march in support of not caving in to all the rebellious nonsense?

  2. Tearing down history is a travesty and shouldn’t be allowed… More people should stand up against this! My great grandfather is from Poland and only fled the holocaust by changing his last name and reaching America. Around 11 million people died gruesome deaths during this dark torturous time, and that was White killing white… But you don’t see any of us trying to tear down all the Holocaust Museum’s or the death and concentration camps. There are actually still people alive that survived concentration camps and directly affected and they aren’t tearing down statues and rioting. Me and my husband went and visited Poland in December And walked the grounds of Birkenau. You remember history so it doesn’t repeat itself… You don’t try to wipe it out like it never happened.

    • History isn’t taught by statues. Do you think your grandfather would’ve been ok with a statue of Hitler or a Nazi soldier in the middle of his home town?

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