Not First Murder Charge for Spring Hill Shooting Suspect

James Huddleston

This is not the first time that James Huddleston, the primary suspect in a shooting in Spring Hill Sunday, has been charged with killing someone, amidst a long list of other charges in his history.

The Murfreesboro resident, now on the run since allegedly shooting and killing 35-year-old Phillip Pero on Sunday afternoon, was charged with First Degree Murder in Nashville in 2004, and has a history of other criminal charges in both Davidson, Williamson and Wilson Counties, court records show. Huddleston is now on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s “Top 10 Most Wanted List.”

In January 2004, Huddleston was indicted for the First Degree Murder of Robert C. Ford, 22, in Nashville, according to court records. Also as a result of the same incident, he was indicted for Especially Aggravated Kidnapping and Unlawful Possession of a Handgun by a Felon– because he was serving a felony drug possession probation charge in Williamson County at the time. The incident also led to a charge of Felony Murder (which is when a death occurs while a suspect is committing a felony crime)/

On June 13, 2005, after remaining imprisoned on $125,000 bail while awaiting trial or plea, Huddleston pled guilty to the reduced charge of Voluntary Manslaughter, and the felonious possession of a weapon. The other charges were dismissed, and Judge Monte Watkins of the Davidson County Criminal Court sentenced him to 10 years incarceration, to run concurrent with a shorter Williamson County sentence leading from his probation violation.

In Williamson County, Huddleston had previously been convicted of possession of marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia on September 11, 2003. He was fined $5,800 and sentenced to probation, which he violated when he was arrested for murder in Nashville.

His release date from prison is not specified in his court records, but by 2016 he was out of prison and getting into trouble again.

Huddleston was charged with possession of more than a half-gram of cocaine, in Wilson County, in August of 2016. The charges are still pending, with a court date upcoming on November 21, court records show.


  1. Huddleston needs to be caught. Please if anyone sees him please call police immediately. He’s a vicious killer.

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