Former Ravenwood Football Coach Will Hester to Return as Head Coach

Ravenwood High School
photo by Donna Vissman

On Friday, December 11, Ravenwood High School announced Coach Will Hester would return to become the Raptors head coach after current coach Matt Daniels resigned.

Daniels had success at Ravenwood, leading the Raptors to a 39-13 record with four Class 6A playoff appearances the last four years, which included a 6A runner-up finish to Maryville in 2019 but fell to Franklin High school in the playoffs this year.

Daniels said he was stepping down to spend more time with his family. Daniels stated via Twitter, “I heart emoji @RavenwoodFB @wcsRHSAthletic & @wcsRHS I’m not leaving & my plan is to continue to help as much as I can! I do want to provide some context for my decision though, and in doing so, I’m sharing our family story for those who may be suffering in silence.”

He shared that “it is possible to make a decision based solely on your family and the desire to be with them more…However, the sad part about this profession is that is automatically assumed that wanting to spend more time with your family is simply an excuse for a firing or forced resignation.”

Daniels ended his message by sharing how he and his wife struggled with infertility and how he didn’t want to take for granted the blessing of having his daughter and spending time with his family.

Coach Hester left Ravenwood High School in 2015 to coach the newly opened Nolensville High School. In 2018, Coach Hester accepted a coaching job in Florence High School (AL).

He stated “The chance to come back home was too great to pass up, and not everyone gets that chance,” Hester said. “I think the one thing we have learned in this pandemic is family is the only thing that is forever, and my parents still live across the street from Ravenwood High School, so it feels great to come back home.”


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