Fight at Centennial Leads to “Shelter in Place” and Arrests

Centennial High School

On Monday, November 2, Centennial High School Principal issued a “Shelter in Place” due to a fight inside the building. According to WCS, there was no weapon at the school. Five students were arrested after the incident, reports Williamson Herald.

A letter was sent to families regarding the incident by Dr. Meghen Sanders, Principal of Centennial High School.

I wanted to update you on events that occurred at our school today. Prior to the start of school, there was a fight inside our building that included intervention by the School Resource Officer. In addition, a threat was made against our school.  Initial information shared led to additional SROs arriving on campus. For student safety, I called for a shelter in place which meant that students and teachers would remain in their classrooms for an amount of time without transitioning to other classes. After an initial investigation through first period, the shelter in place was lifted. Additional SROs remained on campus throughout the day.

Portions of the event were recorded by students and posted on social media. The school and Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate the entirety of the events that occurred this morning.

My staff and I are committed to ensuring Centennial is a safe and supportive learning environment for all our students, including a safe and successful day of learning on Wednesday.