Williamson County Schools announced the demotion of its athletic director on Friday.

Brentwood High Athletic Director and Girls Basketball Coach Ronnie Seignthaler, who oversaw athletics at the high school, has been dismissed from all of his athletic director and coaching responsibilities for failing to meet expectations and directives regarding athletics at Brentwood High.

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“An internal investigation found multiple violations of facilities use policies over the years that render him unable to continue his athletic duties,” BHS Principal Kevin Keidel said. “As an example, Mr. Seignthaler failed to process paperwork or payment for facilities use and site supervision as required by School Board policy. As a result, funds were returned to the organization utilizing the school facility.”

Seignthaler, however, will retain his job as a teacher because his “failures” did not relate to his teaching position, according to Cory Mason, assistant Director of Communications for WCS.

“I accept and respect Mr. Keidel’s decision,” Seignthaler said.

Coach Joe Blair will take over as athletic director; he had already been sharing the duties with Seignthaler. Keidel will begin working to find a girls basketball coach and a track coach immediately.

The Williamson Source reported last week that a WCS investigation found that Brentwood High School Track and Field coaches improperly trained students for pay outside of school, according to a letter to parents from Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney.

Also, BHS administrators also facilitated the violation of WCS Board policy 5.608 Tutoring for Pay by giving the coaches incorrect information about whether they could or could not give private training for pay.

At the time, Dr. Looney said that Keidel and Seigenthaler had improperly interpreted district policy in allowing this, and that they would be disciplined accordingly but not terminated.