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International Helmet Awareness Day is Sept 14th & 15th. This day is an event organized by riders4helmets whose mission is to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly fitted and secured, certified helmet. The first International Helmet Awareness Day event was held in 2010. Over the years, numerous helmet brands and retailers across the world have pledged their support to International Helmet Awareness Day.

If you’re currently an equestrian or have a child interested in trying horseback riding, finding the right helmet is vital.

Locally, Franklin Horse Supply (located at 1561 Columbia Ave) is celebrating International Helmet Awareness Day and their staff can help you find the appropriate riding hat.

Steps to Finding the Perfect Riding Helmet:

1. Get Measured
Professionals suggest a tape measure marked in centimeters and getting someone to assist you. The staff at Franklin Horse Supply can fit you, so you can purchase the right hat for your riding needs.

2. Style your hair just as you wear it when you ride
Different riding disciplines call for different dress codes (you may have to purchase multiple helmets to ensure your helmet fits correctly for each discipline). For example, if your hair is tucked under the helmet for one event, such as jumping, and then worn in a bun when you compete in dressage, you will probably need multiple helmets.

3. Try it On
Once you’ve been measured and have a helmet, you must try it on. Helmets should fit snugly but not be uncomfortable. Just like clothes, helmets from different manufacturers¬†will fit your head differently, so you may need to try on several to find the perfect fit.

4. Ensure it Meets Safety Standards
In North America, the most prevalent performance standard is written by the ASTM International, a global standards development organization. It’s important to know the helmet you buy is an ASTM certified helmet.

Stop by Franklin Horse Supply at 1561 Columbia Ave, Franklin for all your equestrian needs, including the perfect helmet!