Finding healthcare close to you can be difficult; however, having healthcare in your neighborhood doesn’t have to be as difficult as many of the health insurance providers often make it.

YourCareEverywhere wants to help with making the decisions of healthcare and finding them easier than before. They offer advice and tips for choosing insurance, making sure you are covered completely, as well as finding a healthcare provider that fits your needs. On the YourCareEverywhere site, you can find articles ranging in topics from picking out coinsurance, to figuring out what a health savings account actually is, to even helping you choose a hospital or clinic that works best for you.

Within their healthcare menu, they provide a section specifically devoted to choosing and working with your doctor. This section offers a quiz for looking at how you communicate with your doctor, as well as several articles about choosing specific types of doctors from a therapist, to dietician, to people who can handle specific conditions like asthma. Perhaps the most helpful is their article that explains the terminologies for each doctor that you might come across like the differences between nurse practitioners and doctors and other terms.

Providing information isn’t all that YourCareEverywhere does, they also help you combine the information from your particular doctors into one place. This includes everything from specific health sites to your doctors’ patient portals to even the data from your wearables. This makes having healthcare at your fingertips not only a phrase, but a new way of life that makes sharing information with your doctors even easier.

Healthcare in your neighborhood (and in your hands) doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, YourCareEverywhere makes it easy for you.