You’ll Never Guess the Top 5 Cities New Will Co. Residents Come From

Last week, Williamson, Inc. released its 2017 economic outlook report, showing trends and statistics about Williamson County. One of the trends it measured was what cities and states people are relocating from.

With a population increasing faster than any other county in the Nashville metropolitan area, the county’s population is set to double by 2040. Where is everyone coming from?

According to the trends report, most of that growth is coming from urban areas across the country. With Williamson County’s¬†emerging tech and health care sectors, many people move to the area for employment in these fields.

The top 5 places Williamson County residents come from (2010- 2014)

1.Las Vegas, Nevada

2.Los Angeles, California

3.Lewisburg, West Virginia

4.Montgomery, Alabama

5.Fort Meyers, Florida

Each of those five cites have at least 150 people moving to the area per year, and are the five biggest contributors.

Other cities with at least 150 included Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area cities as a whole.