You Gotta See This: Venus and Jupiter

The internet is abuzz with pictures of Venus and Jupiter, as they could been seen close to one another, appearing like two bright stars in the sky, on June 30th.

Here’s a formal explanation from the Farmer’s Almanac about how this occurs:

“The celestial highlight of June is actually a drama that has been building all through the month. The two brightest planets in our sky – Venus and Jupiter – will slowly approach each other. At the start of the month they were separated by 21° (the width of your clenched fist held at arm’s length measures roughly 10°), but the “dynamic duo” will be getting progressively closer to each other by an average of about 0.7° each evening, until finally they will appear closest together on June 30th when they will be a scant 20 arc minutes (0.33°) apart; that’s the equivalent of two-thirds of the apparent width of the Moon.

We gathered some amazing photos from around the world of this space phenomenon to share with you:

From California:

From Wisconsin:




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