star wars halloween costumes


A mom in Commerce City got quite a challenge from her twin 5-year-old sons this year — they wanted to be C-3PO and R2D2 for Halloween.

For most moms, that means a trip to the costume store, but not for Corrine Kurtz. She actually makes the twins costumes every year.

“The boys ask me every year to make their costumes,” Kurtz told 7NEWS. “They tell me what they want and I bring it to life.”

Kurtz said this year she started with an old trash can and diamond sheet metal. Then she covered it in plastic and spray painted it. She used fasteners to hold everything in place.

R2D2 is hand painted, but Kurtz says that costume was actually easier.

“It’s just a trash can,” Kurtz said. “I cut holes it in where they needed to be. It has suspenders inside, so he can stand up or sit down. It has handles so he can turn the head.’

When her son stands up, the top is like a hat, Kurtz explained.

Kurtz has been making costumes for Derek (C-3PO this year) and Jason (R2D2 this year), since they were 2 years old.

Kurtz has turned her costume-making skills into a small business. Follow her Facebook page here.