You Gotta See This: Rattlesnake Captured in Spring Hill Home Depot

A venomous timber rattlesnake was caught at the Spring Hill Home Depot  located at 5411 Columbia Pike. Home Depot immediately called Animal Pros Pest Control located in Nashville, TN. Adam Warden was sent out with GoPro ready to capture some amazing footage of a timber rattlesnake.

Video courtesy of Animal Pros Pest Control

About Timber Rattlesnakes

Timber rattlesnakes, which are called canebrake rattlesnake in the Coastal Plain of the Southeast, are large, heavy bodied snakes with the characteristic rattles on the end of the tail. Adults range from 30-60 in (76-152 cm) with the record being more than 6 feet (183 cm) long. Canebrakes are usually gray and may even have a pink hue and a pinkish, yellow, orange, or brown stripe running the length of the back. Timber rattlers are typically more brown or yellowish and may even be black. Read more here.