You Gotta See This: National Anthem Played in 13 Locations

Franklin producer, Dylan Price worked with guitarist, Keegan McClellan on the ultimate national anthem project. The two traveled the country for three weeks, filming in 13 locations to create a  video that showcased some of America’s most beautiful outdoor locations from “sea to shining sea”.

“The reason I chose to do this comes down to the focus that there has been lately on the negative, whether it’s related to the clashing ideas about what is best for the country’s future or other issues. I wanted to do something that counteracts the collateral damage and speaks to every American from a positive and uplifting place. Nothing can make that statement better than the views of the land itself,” said McClellan.



  1. Thanks for posting! Stephen Byrum with Youngblood Film (also local Franklin) traveled to shoot it!

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