You Gotta See This: Images From ‘Independence Day 2’

In honor of Independence Day, we wanted to share this news from about the sequel to the beloved 90s sci-fi film Independence Day. The sequel will be called Independence Day Resurgence, which is already in the works.


The sequel to Independence Day – which starred Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as members of a resistance against a massive invading alien force – has been in the works for some time. Director Roland Emmerich is returning for the sequel, as are a number of actors, including Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner, and Judd Hirsch. While Smith isn’t reprising his role, Jessie Usher will be playing his son, Maika Monroe will be playing Pullman’s daughter, and Liam Hemsworth will be playing an altogether new (lead) character.

A few details about the sequel:

  • Emmerich (the director) said the reason the film is called Resurgence is because, in the years since the war of the first film, the world has come together to fight against a common enemy.
  • Jeff Goldblum’s character – David Levinson – is the director of the new initiative. It’s his job to lead the way in making sure the world is safe.
  • Sela Ward is playing the new president of the United States. Ward said on the livestream that she’s tougher, more forceful, and more decisive than Bill Pullman’s character was.
  • Newcomer Liam Hemsworth is playing an orphan whose parents died in the first war. He eventually joined the military and became one of the best pilots they had, but he made some mistakes and was demoted to driving a “Moon Tug” (image above) on the new initiative’s lunar outpost.